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New to Boating

How you choose to experience time on the water can be as varied as the endless possibilities afforded by our Hurricane Boats. The water you choose, those you will enjoy it with and the activities that will anchor your boating passion all play a vital role. Let us help you find the right Hurricane for your all-in boating adventure.


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Boating Tips

Whether you’re new to boating or grew up on the water, make the most of every experience and be prepared with these safety tips, boating regulations and maintenance suggestions.


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Be a Safe Boater

Enjoy your time on the water knowing you have the knowledge, skill and certification necessary to be a safe boater. Power boat operator laws vary by state, with many requiring an educational course, license or certification showing successful completion of a boating course. Always check local and state laws where you boat.

How will you spend your time on the water? Discover your boating passion and learn which Hurricane Boat is your perfect match.

Size & Layout

How you choose to spend time on the water and how many passengers you’ll share the experience with helps determine how much boat you need and your ideal floorplan.



The size and type of waterways you’ll explore will define your ideal boat. From large bodies of water to forgotten shallows, rough waters to glassy surfaces, there’s a Hurricane for you.



Zero in on your favorite activities and the industry’s most versatile boat only gets better. From cruising, fishing, watersports or entertainment there’s a model and power package for you.



For those who need to tow their boat, tow vehicle capabilities, at home garage or driveway space and distance to the lake all play a vital role in choosing your ideal Hurricane Boat.



Hurricane Boats are customizable and suit various price points and budgets. Check out our custom boat builder to learn more about pricing, or connect with one of our details. As you are planning your purchase, make sure to researching additional cost of ownership.


Youth Boating

Boating can provide a lifetime of memories and lessons for kids, especially when they can make their own adventure. When the time and age is right, empower kids with boating freedom. There are several boating classes and programs available to teach the skills, safety and confidence to create future boating enthusiasts.

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