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  1. Hurricane SunDeck vs. SunDeck Sport: What’s the Difference?
July 12, 2023

Hurricane SunDeck vs. SunDeck Sport: What’s the Difference?

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Deck boats have carved out a loyal following in certain parts of the country and are a great option if you’re in the market for a new boat. They’re prized for their spacious interiors and versatile designs. Hurricane’s SunDeck and SunDeck Sport models are fantastic examples of deck boats, but what’s the difference between the two and which one is best for you?


SunDeck Boats


The Hurricane SunDeck is the quintessential deck boat design. Available in lengths between 18 and 26 feet, the SunDeck can be customized to match almost any boating passion. The do-anything, go-anywhere personality of the SunDeck is perfect for simply surrendering to the day.


More Boat Seating and Storage


Like all deck boats, the Hurricane SunDeck’s design is first and foremost devoted to its spacious interior. It comes with a selection of layouts, allowing for complete comfort on board and optimal passenger capacity. The true advantage of the deck boat design is, in addition to tons of seating options, it also has more storage opportunities for stowing everything from coolers to watersports toys.


Perfect for Cruising and Entertaining


The SunDeck is capable of almost anything you could ask of it. It’s able to provide a platform for every possible boating activity while speeding across the water and carrying all of your family and friends. With features such as integrated speakers and foldaway tables, our entertainment boats make hosting easy.


Benefits of a Windshield Boat


One of the primary differences between a standard and sport model is the SunDeck’s walk-through windshield. It’s aesthetically pleasing but also serves many purposes on board. Windshields keep passengers warmer and drier, protecting against the elements. It also separates the boat into distinct areas, creating a cozy space for more intimate entertainment.


SunDeck Sport Boats


Sporty and maneuverable, Hurricane’s SunDeck Sport is a vessel that can unleash the entertainment champion within you. For those looking for some adventure the SunDeck Sport is highly capable and available in lengths ranging from 18 to 21 feet.


More Deck Space


The SunDeck Sport is faithful to its deck boat roots, with an expansive deck layout. Its versatility is its greatest asset, allowing users to explore the best of all boating worlds with the deck space to host the whole family in a compact and easy to maneuver package.


Sport Boat Design & Features


Designed to appeal equally to social entertainers and performance players alike, the SunDeck Sport is built on a sleek hull shape. The boat has incredible maneuverability for a thrilling driving experience. The helm is intuitive and thoughtfully appointed, letting you to take control of the water with confidence.


Perfect for Watersports


This model is crafted from the water up (and below!) to be the perfect platform for boat watersports. Agile performers, the SunDeck Sport can easily handle whatever tow sports you’re into, from tubing to slalom skiing.


Benefits of a Windscreen Boat


Another sport-focused feature of the SunDeck Sport is its windscreen helm design. This shape makes the deck feel more open for uninterrupted visibility. Additionally, it allows everyone on board to be connected in one space, making for easy conversation. The windscreen also reduces wind, and is particularly effective on smooth waters.


Boat Comparison


Overall, the SunDeck and SunDeck Sport models are extremely comparable and both are highly capable, powerful machines. Which one is right for you will depend on your intended use, your needs, and your personal preference. Whether cruising, playing or entertaining, you’re sure to get the most out of it with a Hurricane.


  Hurricane SunDeck Hurricane SunDeck Sport
Size   18-26’ 18-21’ 
Capacity Yachted Certified  9-14 people 
Horsepower  425 max  225 max 
Features  Windshield  Windscreen