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  1. Boating Fun: Top 10 Boating Activities
August 10, 2022

Boating Fun: Top 10 Boating Activities

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For all of the complexities of buying a boat, one thing that everyone can agree on is the core reason why we all long for the boating life – the fun of it! Sometimes, there’s so many possibilities, it’s hard to decide what to do on a boat. When you’re out with family or friends, here are some exciting ideas of boating activities to truly get the most out of your time on a boat.


1. Fishing

Fishing is sometimes the first on-the-water activity that comes to mind for many people. One of the most popular pastimes on the water, people have been fishing off their boats since time immemorial. Odds are most people already have access to some of the equipment necessary to go fishing, especially if on a fishing boat. It can be a very relaxing activity, especially on a nice calm lake surrounded by friends and family.


2. Snorkeling

What better way is there to engage with natural beauty than to truly be submerged in it? While snorkeling is most often associated with coral reefs, there’s plenty to see in any body of water. Gear for snorkeling is relatively inexpensive – all that’s needed is the mask and the snorkel itself. Plus, it can be an excellent group activity.


3. Water Skiing

From the time waterskiing was invented, it’s been a wildly popular activity for boaters and watersport enthusiasts everywhere. This particular boating activity might require some extra equipment, including a tow bar and, of course, water skis. Waterskiing is fun for the whole family and can get the whole boat engaged.


4. Wakeboarding

Similar to waterskiing, wakeboarding is a well-loved watersport. Similar to waterskiing, there are a few supplies necessary, but it can be challenging and if everybody on board is into blood-pumping, exciting activities, it’ll be guaranteed fun. This will especially be true on a wakeboard boat or any boat specially designed for watersports.


5. Grilling

Just because you’re out on the water doesn’t mean you have to pre-cook any food you bring on board. Grilling is already one of the most quintessential summer activities, so marrying that with boating is ideal. There are many grills out there designed to be brought on a boat, either by securing them to the boat more permanently or just carrying it on and off. Just think about flipping burgers, surrounded by water!


6. Camping

Camping with a boat can mean anything from pitching a tent on a shoreline to sleeping on board. The beauty of it is that you can get to camping sites that you can’t reach by car, whether they’re on land or not. One thing to be aware of is whether the chosen site is somewhere that camping is allowed, but once that’s been confirmed, there should be no issues. Camping gear and other preparations to spend the night outdoors will ensure this activity goes off without a hitch.


7. Playing Card Games

During an afternoon lull, while waiting for dinner to be ready, or simply during a moment where everyone wants to get out of the sun and rest for a bit, card games are always a fun way to spend time. When bringing a deck of cards on board, be sure to secure them so the wind doesn’t blow them away, or maybe even buy a waterproof deck to stave off potential damage.


8. Finding a Sand Bar

Sandbars are ridges of sand and sediment built up by currents in a body of water. They are shallow, and fun to explore. If you should find one while out and about, it is absolutely worth the time to hop out, swim around, and see what exciting things there are to find under the surface!


9. Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding has become more and more popular in recent years. All over the country, people do yoga, fish and explore calm waters on these boards. Launching a paddleboard from a boat is a great way to get out into the center of a lake or somewhere that can be a little harder to paddle to from shore.


10. Hosting a Party

With a large gathering on your boat, of friends or family, many boaters may be overcome with the urge to host a party. Give in to it, because boat parties are just as much fun as they are on land. This is especially true on a party boat, something designed for pleasure cruising with maximum deck space for all guests. Just be sure to follow local guidelines related to noise levels and acceptable boating hours, and let your hair down!