Shelling in Southwest Florida

When it comes to having fun on a family outing, you can’t beat a Hurricane deck boat. Specifically, these boats are great for island hopping and cruising the coast on a sunny day. If you’re planning on doing some island exploring around Marco, Sanibel and Captiva, or the Thousand Islands, hop in a boat and enjoy the versatility and advantages they offer.

Southwest Florida offers an abundance of relaxed entertainment options. From the area’s world renowned golf courses to luxurious resorts and spas, rest and relaxation has been thoroughly integrated into local culture. While expensive amusement options are definitely the most well known in the area, plenty of affordable choices exist for people of all income levels. The easiest, and perhaps cheapest, of these is shelling.

There isn’t much to collecting shells. A sheller simply has to head to the beach and pick up any uninhabited shells that interest them. The most difficult part of the activity is actually getting to the beach. Of course, plenty of beaches are accessible by car or on foot, but some hidden gems are only accessible by boat. For those planning on doing some island exploring and shelling around Marco, Sanibel and Captiva, or the Thousand Islands, a versatile boat is a necessity. We suggest a Hurricane deck boat, for their spacious layout and dynamic, shallow draft design. These boats allow drivers and passengers to stay comfortable and get right up next to the beach to scout for shells before having to get off the boat.

Owning a boat provides a distinct advantage when it comes to shelling. Being able to reach remote beaches drastically reduces competition for more desirable shells. Additionally, having a boat gives one the chance to reach more popular shelling destinations before the competition, by avoiding traffic and getting to locations like Cayo Costa or Gasparilla Islands ahead of everyone else. Experienced shellers suggest that low tides during the new and full moon bring the best shells. Boat owners can make the most of these times by knowing when they occur and cruising to the best spot before they fill up with other shellers.

Boats also allow to carry more gear and, thus, more shells. Boats have plenty of storage space for shelling tools, such as mesh and canvas bags, backpacks, sifters, nets, and any necessary beach accessories. A deck boat’s clever layout offers storage options perfect for hauling shells and people, while also providing the ease and versatility necessary for one to reach as many beaches as possible in a day.

From hard core shellers to individuals tagging along on a casual outing, owning a boat will almost always elevate a day of shelling. Better yet, boats are available at every price point, making it possible for nearly anyone to experience the calm, cathartic fun that shelling brings. Of course, shelling would likely be a small percentage of what an individual would likely do with a boat, since there are hundreds of other reasons to own one, but it is a simple and relaxing activity that nicely compliments high energy water activities.

There are plenty of websites available with in depth information on shelling, as well as different stores and museums that can teach an amateur enthusiast more about the craft.