What Our Boat Owners Have to Say!

Brand: Hurricane
Series: Hurricane
I took my boat to my cottage over the long weekend (here in Canada) about a 600 mile ride through the mountain from Edmonton Alberta to Kelowna British Columbia. I was impressed by the boat's performance its power, handling and particularly its smoothness in taking the wake dead on. Compared to my former 2000 eclipse Wellcraft, this one is like a Cadillac as opposed to a Chevrolet. The upholstery and all finishes are top notch not to mention the sound system. You guys put out a good product. I think this could very well be the best boat I've owned. I'm anxious to see how it performs with a skier, a wake-boarder or tube behind.
~ Denis Tardif
Brand: Hurricane
Series: FunDeck
Model: 198 RE

We love our Hurricane FunDeck 198 RE

Making the decision to go with this Hurricane was the best decision we've made on the water. The smooth ride over rough water and the handling is the best. Room to move around and enjoy as well as fishing and water skiing takes in all of the families activities and this boat can do it all. A big thank you to Mike's Marina in Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada for their excellent and personal touch in sales and service as well as all the tips.
~  Bill Renaud

Brand: Hurricane
Series: FunDeck
Model: 226 REF

Returning customer, now a proud Hurricane owner! 

About one year ago I purchased used 1995 Hurricane FunDeck. This boat needed a full dose of TLC and restoration. I contacted you and a wonderful lady returned my request for information on this boats heritage and color scheme. After 3 months of intensive work this boat turned out beautiful thanks to the great help and support of Godfrey Marine. As a result of this experience, I sold my new 2006 pontoon boat, which was featured in July's PDB (Pontoon & Deck Boat) magazine on page 24 and committed to buying my first new Hurricane deck boat. I searched for several weeks, attended the Orlando Boat show and ran into Rich Jr. from Gerry's Marine in New Smyrna Beach Florida. I had already met him several weeks earlier at his dealership. As a result of his great customer service and general charisma, the 40 mile proximity to my home and the fact that he is a hurricane and Sweetwater dealer, I decided to buy my new 2006 Fun Deck 226REF with a Yamaha 115 4 stoke and Aluminum Magic Tilt tandem axel trailer. I can hardly express how wonderful this boat is in every aspect, comfort, room, Speed, economy and handling. I look forward to many many years of enjoyment from this boat knowing that it is backed by a great manufacturer with super caring and proud employees and super dealer that will be there if I ever need something repaired.
~ Regards, Craig Horton

Brand: Hurricane
Series: FunDeck GS
Model: 202
We enjoy our Hurricane

"I wanted to let you know how much my family is enjoying our 2005 Hurricane GS 202. After two years of examining boats and features, we decided that the new FunDeck GS 202 had everything we were looking for. We ordered the boat through Uncle Gus' Marina in Whitney, TX. This is a two and a half hour drive from where we live, but the Sales Director, James Selman, made it worth the drive. He took care of everything, and answered all of our questions. I would highly recommend him and his dealership to anyone. We are now into our second season with the boat. It has performed flawlessly and I receive compliments on it everywhere it goes. We have started gathering wonderful family memories and great times on our boat. The greatest thing about my boat is the versatility. Last week we were on the lake by 6:00 a.m. We fished until the livewell was full of sandbass, stowed the fishing seats and fishing poles, and began tubing and swimming. We did not get off the lake until about 1:00 p.m. I have finally found activities that will keep my four year old and seven year old occupied for hours without complaining.
~ Thanks!" The Ticknor Family Jason, Lori, Tyler, and Jaci

Brand: Hurricane
Model: FunDeck GS 231
I am throughly enjoying my Hurricane boat. I have had many fishing party's out and no one has had anything but nice things to say about the boat and how nice it is. This past Friday we had a group of men from Atlanta out fishing and we had winds in the upper 20s. The lake was very choppy but we were able to fish all day. The guides with the Bay Boats had to call it a day at 11:00 o'clock. We have been chosen by Shakesphere to join their pro fishing team this year so we are very excited. Thank you and the staff at GODFREY MARINE for building a very nice boat. PLAYIN HOOKY FISHING GUIDE
~ Captain Ronnie Faircloth
Brand: Hurricane
Series: SunDeck
Model: 237

Our Hurricane is a very good fit for us 

Late August 2005 we bought what may well be our last new boat - a Hurricane SunDeck 237 OB. My wife picked this boat out after much shopping and looking for better than six months at dealers in our area. It is a very good fit for us. We are in our mid 60's and both very active. The boat has so much to offer and is well appointed. The comfortable seating and material used speaks volumes for your company. I find everything I have come across to be of high quality with this boat. We both also like the versatility for both cruising and fishing. We were introduced to your Hurricane brand while in the Florida keys two years ago. Another couple a little older than us had their Hurricane and took us for a ride. A year later we again saw them at the same camping area. Another ride and a few months later we bought our new Hurricane. I must admit, I kept looking at new Center Console boats. But, comfort was a big issue for us. Also not needing an offshore boat but rather inland lakes and rivers boat that could go offshore on a calm day. We recommend taking this boat out for a test. This must be the boat of the future before its time.
~ Jim and Darlene Lawhun
   Jacksonville, FL