NGG Rewarded For Going Green

February 28, 2014

Nautic Global Group (NGG) is going green and is proud to be rewarded for doing so!

Kurt Kenning with Energizing Indiana and Bruce Griffey, an Energy Efficiency Representative with AEP, along with David Kline, an AEP local customer service engineer presented NGG with a rebate check for $103,000 today at Nautic Global Group’s headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana.

The rebate money is from the Energizing Indiana Commercial & Industrial Rebate Program that is designed to help Indiana’s commercial and industrial facilities achieve long-term, cost-effective energy savings.

Nautic Global Group has qualified to receive in total $293,816 in Energizing Indiana rebates since the energy efficient transformation at the NGG facilities started in November of 2013. The company is expected to receive another rebate check, for changes that were made in the two NGG production facilities located in Syracuse, Indiana.

The rebate money was awarded to the boating manufacturer for changing close to 1,400 light fixtures and light bulbs in all three of the production facilities to make them more energy efficient. 700 light fixtures were replaced with new more efficient fixtures and bulbs in the Elkhart facility, and 700 more were replaced in Syracuse, Indiana.

Brian Oakes, a maintenance technician at all three NGG facilities said this major transformation was completed in two months. Oakes worked with Bill Erdman, Transportation Manager at Nautic Global Group, to execute the plan to fruition.

Erdman said, “Nautic Global Group is getting more out of the Energizing Indiana program than what has been invested monetarily in replacing the lights and bulbs.” “Almost no money is coming out of our pocket to promote energy efficiency.”

Kenning, a Commercial & Industrial Trade Ally Coordinator with Energizing Indiana said he worked closely with NGG to validate and verify that each and every light bulb and light fixture was replaced with new efficient replacement models.

“These new bulbs are brighter and use half of the electricity that the old bulbs used, plus they do not give off as much heat. So not only are we saving money on electric, but we will also save on heating and cooling to keep the plants comfortable for production,” said Oakes.  

“As a boat manufacturer, participating in this type of program makes perfect sense for NGG,” added Doug Sexton, VP of Sales & Marketing at NGG. “The very nature of our business promotes an active lifestyle that takes full advantage of our natural surroundings. It’s good for NGG and the people who are employed here, for the boating lifestyle, and for the environment."