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Hurricane FunDeck Series

January 16, 2014

Is it a pontoon or a deck boat? The answer is yes! With the legendary performance of a fiberglass Hurricane hull and the spacious comfort and deck layout of a top-of-the-line pontoon, you really can have it all with the FunDeck series. And you'll soon find out what having it all truly means. With all the space and storage, you'll be bringing everyone along when you hit the water. That's more fantastic family memories. That's more quality time together. Isn't that what it's all about? What does it...    Read More ]

A Closer Look: Hurricane FunDeck 226-4

April 3, 2013

As the best-selling deck boat in history, the Hurricane FunDeck 226-4 has been in continuous production since 1973. And the reason is clear. It has the performance and handling of a fiberglass running surface with all the storage and seating of a top pontoon. Perfect for coastal and canal customers who run in salt water, this boat is configured with four gates for easy access no matter how your dock is set up. ...    Read More ]

A Closer Look: Hurricane FunDeck 236 F OB

April 3, 2013

This fishing version of Hurricane's largest FunDeck model has some great features including an oversize forward deck with two swivel pedestal seats, convenient aerated livewell/baitwell, and optional freshwater washdown. And like all FunDecks, the 236 F OB has all the storage and seating of a pontoon, combined with the handling and performance of a deck boat. ...    Read More ]

PDB Reviews Hurricane SunDeck Sport 231 OB

March 28, 2012

Pontoon & Deck Boat magazine editor Brady Kay gives us a close-up look at the Hurricane SunDeck Sport 231 OB, a deck boat that's built for fishing...or anything else you have in mind for on-the-water fun! ...    Read More ]

Pontoon & Deck Boat Video Review: Hurricane SunDeck 2400 OB

February 28, 2012

Join Pontoon & Deck Boat magazine editor Brady Kay as he takes us through the Hurricane SunDeck 2400 outboard. With its innovative hull design, the SunDeck 2400 outboard offers a fun and versatile platform for enjoying a full day on the water. ...    Read More ]

A Closer Look: Hurricane FunDeck 196

February 15, 2012

Captain Steve walks through the versatile Hurricane FunDeck 196 outboard that combines the performance of a deck boat with the passenger comfort and storage of a pontoon boat. In production since 1977, the FunDeck 196 has a wide-open floorplan that will appeal to anglers as well as family cruisers.   ...    Read More ]