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Models Needed For Hurricane Photo Shoot!

July 30, 2013

Attention Hurricane fans! The next Hurricane Photo Shoot will take place in two locations during the month of August. We're looking for models of all ages for both morning and evening sessions to feature swimwear & watersports gear aboard a variety of boat types. This is your chance...

GPS Has Changed Navigation...Here's How It Works

July 29, 2013

By now, you’ve no doubt come in contact with Global Positioning System (GPS) in one form or another. After all, if you’ve got a smartphone, you’ve probably already got an app for that. But what is GPS? And, more importantly, how has it changed the way we approach boating? From the...

Naming Your Boat Is Serious Business...Seas The Day!

July 24, 2013

When your new boat arrives, remember it comes with an enormous responsibility — you will need to choose a boat name! Okay, maybe it’s not SUCH a big burden, but lots of folks feel pressure to come up with the latest, greatest boat- or water-related turn of phrase to dazzle the rest of...

Why Choose A Hurricane Deck Boat? Glad You Asked!

July 17, 2013

The popularity of deck boats is really taking off these days, and for good reason. These versatile boats come in a wide variety of styles and layouts, which means it’s easy to find one that will be perfect, no matter how you spend your time on the water. And since building the very first...

New To Watersports? Here's What You Need To Know

July 16, 2013

As much as we all enjoy a leisurely sunset cruise, part of the fun of boating is the opportunity to not only get out on the water, but also to get wet once in a while. And if you’ve got younger passengers, your boat will likely be decked out with a hefty collection of different...

How To Be A Good Marina Neighbor (Suitable For Sharing)

July 10, 2013

Being a good marina neighbor basically comes down to doing for them what you would have them do for you. That’s right…it’s the Golden Rule. Be gracious, be helpful, be generous, and be considerate. But you knew that already. It’s the others who might need a...

Photo Contest Winner Announced!

July 8, 2013

Congrats to the Michael Bowen from Pennsylvania on winning the most recent Hurricane Boats Photo Contest! His photo "Beautiful Day in PA" was shot aboard his Hurricane SunDeck Sport. Stay tuned for information on the next contest coming up in September!

Guide To Viewing Fireworks From Your Boat

July 2, 2013

About the only way to make a Fourth of July fireworks display even more spectacular is to watch it from your boat. Not only do you get to enjoy the relatively cooler temperatures as the evening sets in, you essentially get double the show because of the reflections off the surface of the water. If...