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Choosing A Great Boat Dealer

December 20, 2013

While there are some similarities between a car dealership and a boat dealership, you may be surprised at how much they don’t have in common. Sure, they both have showrooms, shiny new vehicles and salespeople. But with few exceptions, a 
car purchase comes down to function and...

Why Are Boaters So Superstitious?

December 13, 2013

Let’s face it…boaters are a superstitious bunch. Well, we've got a storied history that goes all the way back to the days of the earliest ocean-going vessels, when everything from bad weather to scurvy were connected to various perceived transgressions by crewmembers and (more likely)...

Thinking About A New Boat? Consider Pre-Show Purchase

December 5, 2013

We all know that the Winter Boat Show season is a great time to get a deal on a new boat, right? But it might surprise you to know that December might actually be the best time of the entire year to make a deal. Think about it...when are dealers receiving truckloads of inventory? Right before boat...