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Freedom, Fellowship And Free Stuff? Join The Club!

April 26, 2012

As a Hurricane owner, you are invited to join a great community that will not only help you share your experiences with other owners, but will give you exclusive access to special contests, incredible discounts and even the chance to earn free Hurricane gear, cash rebates and fuel cards. Yes, fuel cards. When you sign up for your complimentary membership in the Hurricane Owner’s Club here, you are immediately linked to a terrific network of fellow owners who also enjoy living their life to...    Read More ]

Wake Up! An Up-Close Look At Boat Watersports

April 20, 2012

As much as we all enjoy a leisurely sunset cruise, part of the fun of boating is the opportunity to not only get out on the water, but also to get wet once in a while. And if you’ve got younger passengers, your boat will likely be decked out with a hefty collection of different equipment…some familiar and some not so familiar. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular watersports today. Please remember to ALWAYS wear a life jacket when participating in any of these...    Read More ]

Making Kids Comfortable On The Water

April 16, 2012

As the skipper of your boat, you’re responsible for the safety of everyone on board. And, if you’ve got children on deck, it’s easy to come across as intimidating when you’re really just trying to make sure they’re not in harm's way. If that’s the case, consider using these tips to encourage their love of the water and make sure they want to be out on the boat as much as you do. While most kids are naturally drawn to the water, sometimes it’s a tough leap...    Read More ]

Understanding Boating Superstitions (Knock On Wood)

April 13, 2012

Let’s face it…boaters are a superstitious bunch. You’ve got to believe that storied history goes all the way back to the days of the earliest ocean-going vessels, when everything from bad weather to scurvy were connected to various perceived transgressions by crewmembers and (more likely) unknowing passengers. String enough of those coincidences together, and the word spreads quickly that something as innocent as bringing a banana onboard can wreak havoc on a voyage that would...    Read More ]

Going The Distance? Prepare A Float Plan

April 11, 2012

A float plan is kind of like jumper cables. You won’t need it at all until you really need it. Then, you will look like the smartest boater on the water. Until then, however, you should get into the habit of using a float plan, if not every time you’re on your boat, at least every time you plan on venturing beyond your well-populated comfort zone. So, what is a float plan? Simply put, it’s a way to let someone know where you’re going and when you’re likely to return...    Read More ]

Easy Tips For Launch Ramp Success

April 9, 2012

With the exception of docking, the one part of trailer boating that strikes the most fear in the hearts of new boaters has got to the launch ramp. Sure, it can be stressful the first few times, but here’s the good news: As long as you follow these easy tips, launching and retrieving your boat will become second-nature in no time. Before You Hit The Road Don’t even leave your driveway unless you check a few things first. Make sure your trailer tires are inflated to the correct pressure....    Read More ]

Need A Boat Name? Puns Still Seas The Day

April 5, 2012

Boy, things are really cranking back in the Hurricane plant. This is the time of year when all those winter boat show orders are getting built, shipped and delivered. And when your new boat arrives, remember it comes with an enormous responsibility — you will need to choose a boat name! Okay, maybe it’s not SUCH a big burden, but lots of folks feel pressure to come up with the latest, greatest boat- or water-related turn of phrase to dazzle the rest of the marina with their cleverness....    Read More ]


April 4, 2012

In addition to fiberglass, gelcoat, and upholstery, there's something else we measure every day at the Hurricane boat plant. It's morale. Because happy workers are motivated workers and motivated workers build the best boats in the industry. Look closely at this chart. You can see that right now, during our busiest time of year, morale is right at 100%. You'd think that having a full pipeline of orders that need to be shipped out might affect morale in less-than-positive way. But it doesn't. These...    Read More ]

Before You Hit The Water...Do You Know The Rules?

April 2, 2012

Okay new boaters…why do you think they call it the “Rules of the Road” if you’re on the water? Well, despite the confusing name, it’s all about relating your boat-operating experience to something you’re likely already familiar with…driving a car. But, although they may have some things in common, it’s important that you take some time to understand the differences. You see, these rules are all about avoiding the single biggest critical incident...    Read More ]

Need To See A Shrink?

April 2, 2012

Here's what happens to new boats before they're loaded on the truck for delivery. Yep, it IS pretty cool. Of course, this takes place in the quality control center after SEVEN different inspectors sign off on the boat. That's every single boat that leaves the plant. The shrink wrap, of course, keeps the gel coat from getting scratched and keeps the boat clean for the duration of the trip, and during the time before you fall in love with it and strike a great deal with your local dealer. Think about...    Read More ]